DTS - VR Series "Cut and Stack"
IML Accumulator Stacker

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  • Superior Blank Control Throughout Process

  • Converts Unique Blank Shapes, 1, 2, 3 Streams

  • Small Foot Print 4 feet x 3 feet Space
    Requirement. Web Widths 13"-26"

  • Integrates to Continuous Print Cut Process or
    Offline Converting System

  • Provides Simple Matrix Separation

  • Diverts Scrap at Process Start Up or as a
    Component of Quality Inspection System

  • Can create Serialized Groups through "Bottom
    Up" Stack Format

  • Total Static Control. Function in Normal Press
    Room Environment

  • Quick Change - Touch Screen / Servo  Driven

  • Potable - Rolls up to Press or Converting
Unique Blank Shapes: