Digicon Series 2 Web Converting Process

Unwind module complete with 76mm (3”) air expanding unwind
shaft.  Auto tension control via electronic roll diameter sensing.  
Programmable auto end of roll slow down and stop.  Brake
release for easy thread up.  Maximum roll diameter 700mm
Electronic web guidance device with ultra sonic sensor to
accurately steer the web throughout the converting section,
complete with splicing table, pneumatically interlocked web
clamps and tape dispenser.
Out feed nip module with pneumatic pressure control, and
dancer roller, which converts the web motion from fully rotary
to a translative web motion.     
Servo driven in feed nip roller assembly complete with dual
pneumatically operated rubber nip rollers to ensure perfect web

Semi rotary flexo station with auto pre-position and servo drive
re-register including; Stainless steel ink pan with inlet and
outlet ducting for constant level fluid control.  Ceramic anilox
roller up to 450 lpi.  Easily removable reverse angle doctor
blade.  One photo cell detector for ensuring perfect register of
spot varnish / colour to the pre-printed web.  One hard chromed
impression roller.  The unit is supplied with a removable
cartridge assembly allowing the complete printing section to be
easily removed to aid cleaning. The plate cylinder is located in
the print head with a fixed pin and pneumatically operated
cylinder for quick and easy removal / loading.        

UV curing system model “ebrick” designed and manufactured
by GEW Ltd and incorporating:  Cold reflectors to minimise
heat build up and maximises UV output.  Cold shutter with
advanced sandwich construction, eliminating heat build up to
the web when stopping and starting.  Removable cold filter for
protecting ultra sensitive substrates.  Unique cassette system,
which offers instant access to lamp, shutter and reflector.  Vari
power touch screen with up to 21 automatic power levels to
assure perfect adjustment of UV output of web speed – This
feature gives complete control to the operator.  
Coating roller for 320mm coat width        

Plate cylinder (customer to confirm tape and plate

Semi rotary die cutting unit with servo drive re-register
(Standard repeat range for both flexo & die unit is 2” to 18”)
Waste matrix stripping (maximum diameter 24”)
Self wound lamination tower above unwind

One servo driven out feed nip roller assembly complete with
dual pneumatically pressured rubber nip rollers.    
One waste matrix stripping tower with 76mm (3”) air expanding
rewind mandrel and variable tension control. Including layon
roller, stripping roller and stripping bar/blade  
One through beam label count sensor – to detect inter-label

Length counter        

One independent product rewind spindle air expanding (76mm
3”other sizes can be supplied upon request) and capable of
winding label in / out and with variable tension control.  Located
in the top position and capable of winding up to 24” diameter  
One touch screen operator interface panel with:
-        Machine condition display.
-        Parameter set up for all general machine settings and
registration system.
-        Machine alarms.
-        Web transport mode.
-        Label / length counter with pause option.
-        Tension control etc.        
1000 job, job save feature        
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